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The skin is a layer that separates us from the outside world and gives us an individual body. It inhabits millions of microorganisms, which protects us and keeps us alive. However, when our skin touches other skin, we break the barrier of individuality and even unconsciously become part of another. In that touch, microorganisms are shared. In Self-utopia, I created three self-portraits using the bacteria of my own skin (I), the skin of a known (You), and the combination of our two bacteria (Us, We). For me, creating these portraits is a way of materializing these relationships, in which we can see ourselves as individuals but also see ourselves as a being formed by our relationships. The reflection in the mirror is an invitation to ask ourselves about our own individuality and how far “I can be you, and you can be me.”

I, amid more than seven billion human organisms, remain me

I carry unique characteristics that set me apart from you

but I carry in my DNA information about you 

but I live and survive because I carry you 

Maybe I'm not just me anymore 

Maybe you're not just you anymore 

Maybe you and I are actually us


2021 · Invisibilia

           El Museo Francisco Oller y Diego Rivera, Buffalo, USA

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