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JUNE | 2020

In June 2020, the streets were filled with protests. Commerce reopened its doors and a few days later closed again. Each week a new record of deaths was reached. People protected themselves as best they could, locking themselves at home, wearing gloves and masks, and staying away from each other. Their masks became a symbol of protection, simultaneously covering their faces and homogenizing them in (into) a cathartic landscape.

June is a daily visualization of one of the most chaotic months during the COVID-19 Pandemic, in which I use masks as the central object of this installation. On each day of June 2020, I wore a mask in a different environment, such as at the supermarket or in the park, and later in the laboratory where I 'cultivated' them. I grew the bacteria present in each mask so they became visible, revealing their unique colors and shapes. In doing so, I have created a temporal portrait of each place I passed through during this overwhelming month.


2021 · Invisibilia

           El Museo Francisco Oller y Diego Rivera, Buffalo, USA

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