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32 °C | 2022

Nature is the result of billions of years of collapse. All life resulted from great explosions which have collapsed and reestablished themselves several times. Now, collapse is occurring as a result of human actions. Humans have degraded habitats, destroyed and abused idyllic natural sites for predominantly technological and biological advancement. However, nature has resisted human pressures in surprising ways. For example, on Gruinard Island–a testing site which became uninhabitable for humans due to Anthrax contamination–other species have reestablished themselves under the new conditions, inhabiting a now-safe haven. But how long can nature resist the insistent collapse created by humans? Here, we show nature's resilience by visualizing microorganisms present in landscapes showing collapses in nature can have an alternative narrative.

32 °C is a human attempt to create a landscape in which there are no boundaries between humans and non-humans. A landscape where everything reestablishes itself after a collapse event, through human understanding of messages transmitted by other species. However, in this landscape, humans are not the center of the ecosystem and their colonial communication system prevents them from translating the messages communicated by other living beings.

Collaborative work with Shona Kitchen (Rhode Island School of Design).


2022 · Collapse

           Rhode Island School of Design, Providence, USA

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